Elementary:  Ten Lessons – $75 each

  1. Introduction and Trend
  2. Zones and Connections
  3. Connections, continued
  4. Regularity and Pressure
  5. Margins and Space
  6. Style Evaluation (Rhythm)
  7. Style Evaluation (Symmetry, Creativeness, Legibility, Speed)
  8. Slant and Size
  9. Simplification and Directional pressure
  10. Signature, Capital I, Analysis

Intermediate: Ten Lessons – $75 each

  1. Connections in greater depth (6 garlands and 5 arcades)
  2. Connections, continued (6 angles, 6 threads and 4 school types)
  3. Left-handed writing
  4. The picture of movement (strong, weak, disturbed)
  5. The picture of form and color (strong, weak, disturbed)
  6. The picture of space (strong, weak, disturbed)
  7. Insincerity and dishonesty
  8. Printed writing
  9. How to find the “guiding image” or gestalt in the writing
  10. Extremes in handwriting

Advanced: Ten Lessons – $90 each

  1. Vocational guidance
  2. Vocational guidance, continued
  3. Personnel selection
  4. Personnel selection, continued
  5. Freud: His Psychoanalytic theories as seen in handwriting
  6. Freud, continued
  7. Carl Jung, his psychology  and typologies (sensing, feeling, thinking, intuiting) as seen in handwriting
  8. Alfred Adler and his typology of priorities (pleasing, comfort, control, superiority) as seen in handwriting
  9. Erich Fromm, his psychology and typologies (receptive, hoarding, marketing, exploitive) as seen in handwriting
  10. Wittlich: Character structure of neuroses (depressive, compulsive, hysteric, schizoid) as seen in handwritting

Note: This third course covers the major psychological theories as they reveal a writer's developmental stages and where problem originated; how well the EGO is able to distribute the energies of the ID; the psychological priorities and how they influence behavior; and other psychological indicators as seen in handwriting, without which an in-depth handwriting analysis is inadequate.

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