Evy Tishelman Karambelas has been  trained by Janice Klein and has been given Professional Certification by the National Society For Graphology. In addition, she is an active member for over twenty years of an ongoing gestalt handwriting workshop.

She teaches through three courses (30 Lessons) that were created by FELIX KLEIN, founder in 1972 of the National Society for Graphology and much loved “dean of American graphologists”, who was born in Vienna, Austria, where he began his study of graphology at the age of thirteen.

Evy Karambelas is a graduate of Hunter College in New York, where she majored in Psychology and minored in Religion, receiving the highest academic standing of Summa Cum Laude. Upon graduating , she became a director of a Senior Citizen center and also spent many years as a software specialist for Smith Barney.

Before beginning her graphology career, she was a freelance writer and teacher for 26 years. She has traveled to well over 40 countries, where she has lectured extensively. In addition to lecturing on land, she has also spent many years giving talks on cruise ships at sea. TV interviews are also added to her long list of credits. She is indeed a well rounded and most interesting person with much experience in many areas.

Evy Karambelas is the only professional graphologist in the world licensed to teach the Felix Klein courses.

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